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Kriss Steven


Fitness has always been my passion throughout my life. Growing up and seeing my mum having a successful job in the fitness industry played a pivotal role in me also choosing to take on a similar type of job as my career. 

I knew Personal training was the career I would be happy with, because it allows me to pass on my knowledge to my clients, something I love doing. Within my sessions the drive I get from it seeing them happy, making achievements is something that I take great joy in.

There isn’t a better feeling than knowing what you do is helping others and that the trust they have in you enough to do this. 

Being in partnership with Steven came earlier this year and it has been a great choice. As a strong team, we are working on everything we can to bring bigger and better things to the gym. I can’t wait to get back at it and I look forward to seeing you all once again! “

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