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Steven Freeburn


 Started in Fitness First after completing my HND Fitness Health and Exercise course in Kilmarnock College. 

During my time at college I completed my level 2 and level 3 YMCA qualifications to start my journey in the fitness industry and have gradually added an array of specialised courses along the way, including my GP exercise referral qualification; allowing me to work alongside doctors in the rehabilitation of clients health & fitness. I have loved the job ever since starting and I’m so grateful to have worked with all my clients, whether they be past or present, all of which have supported and trusted my knowledge when working with me in the gym. 

I made a big decision over 2 years ago to leave the commercial side of gyms and open up my own, The Bunker. 

The has proven to be a great decision and I am so fortunate to have built up an amazing team of clients, members and Personal Trainers. As many of you are aware I recently gained a new business partner, Kriss. Since having Kriss by my side we have made many decisions for the bunker that I believe will completely transform our business. All of which will be revealed in the coming days. These decisions although exciting, have required so much work and I truly could not be happier to be sharing this workload with Kriss.

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